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Exfoliate into Summer

Summer is here! Is your skin ready?

During the summer months we tend to expose our skin to the sun and other irritants more from being outdoors so it must be in tip top shape to handle the extra exposure.

Did you know that sun block and lotion absorb better when dead skin cells have been exfoliated from the skin? There are many other advantages to exfoliation as well.

1. Deeper skin cleanse - exfoliating removes dead skin cells as well as cleaning impurities and toxins from your pores.

2. Anti-aging - exfoliating increases blood flow and therefore provides more oxygen to the skin making it appear younger.

3. Reduce Oil - removing dead skin cells helps release sebum (oil your skin produces) that is trapped in your pores, which can help reduce acne and oil.

Now that you know the top three reasons why you should exfoliate let's go over when you should not exfoliate: irritated skin, damaged/wounded skin, or a negative reaction to the exfoliator. Exfoliation, when done properly with the right exfoliator, should not irritate the skin.

Exfoliators come in a variety of options, from a mixture of abrasive lotions/soaps to cloths or sponges. Use whatever works best for your face and body.

B&W Apothecary produces a dry facial exfoliate and a cubed body sugar scrub, both with mild to medium abrasives and additives to calm and nourish the skin. These products are recommended for use about once a week.

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