You haven't lived until you have tried a she butter sugar scrub!  Imagine gently cleansing your skin with a fine exfoliator with a lucious, smooth shea butter.  And it doesn't stop there!  These tiny cubes pack a punch to the senses with green matcha, vanilla chai latte and mocha latte fragrances!

Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs

  • (O) sugar

    (N) shea butter

    (N) glycerin soap base

    (O) catille soap


    (O) organic, (N) natural


  • Get cube wet and gently smash in hand until flat, rub all over body.  Each cube can be split in half to extent the uses in one package. Rinse.

Treat yourself to the luxury of nature 

* All products are made by hand, no testing by the Food and Drug Administration has been performed. No product is intended to cure or treat any disease.

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