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3oz wax melts used in any warmer!! 100% soy wax

Overall, soy wax melts offer a cleaner, longer-lasting, and more sustainable alternative to traditional paraffin wax melts, making them a popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Wax Melts

    • Select Your Wax Melt: Choose a wax melt in your desired fragrance. You can use one or multiple wax melts, depending on the size of your melter and the intensity of fragrance you prefer.

    • Add the Wax Melt: Place the wax melt(s) into the dish or reservoir of the melter. If using multiple wax melts, you can mix and match fragrances to create your own unique scent combinations.

    • Heat and Enjoy: Turn on the melter or light the tea light candle to start the heating process. As the wax melt begins to melt, it will release its fragrance into the air, filling your space with a pleasant aroma. Enjoy the aroma and ambiance created by the wax melt.

    • Monitor and Replace: Keep an eye on the wax melt as it melts. Once the fragrance begins to dissipate or the wax is fully melted, you can choose to replace it with a new wax melt or turn off the melter.

    • Dispose of Used Wax: Once the fragrance has faded and the wax is no longer emitting scent, allow the wax to cool and harden. Depending on the type of melter you're using, you can either discard the hardened wax or, if using a melter with a removable dish, gently pop out the wax melt and replace it with a new one.

  • Emotions fragrance is a tropical fruits in cute emoji faces.

    Rose fragrance is a mix of a breakable brick and individual roses.

    Jasmine is multiple breakable wax bricks.

    Fall Pumpkin - pumpkin, pecan, maple; pumpkins and leaves

    Skull+Rose-jasmine; sugar skulls and roses

    Desert Night - succulents and brick; cedarwood, oakmoss, bergamot

    Chill Pill - vanilla, lavender, woods

    Cold Outside - snowflake ornaments; mints, fruits, musk

    Poison Berry - potion bottles and berries; bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine

    Christmas tree -presents; evergreen, pine, cedar

    Tarot card- tarot cards; variety

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