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H2O, Drink Don't Wear

Yes, water is good for you, but to drink not put it on your skin. What?! It's just water you say, how could it possibly be bad for my skin? Water in lotion can develop mold and other health hazards which is why lotions that use water require unnatural preservatives. Right now you are thinking, I love my lotion, I'm sure it doesn't contain water. Well, unless you are using B&W Apothecary lotion, odds are you are wrong. Don't take our word for it, check the label!

Companies dilute the product and sell it for outrageous profits all the while making you dependent on their product because WATER does not moisturize your skin.

Well, to make lotion you must have water and oil right, so how does B&W Apothecary make lotion? We use liquids such as aloe, flora hydrosols, and plant extracts that are nature's preservatives and provide nourishment to the skin. None of our lotions will mold and your skin will improve the longer you use, requiring less and less lotion over time.

Our mission is for you and your health, not profits. Our founder, a two-time cancer survivor, believes anything you put in or on your body should improve it rather than preserve or cause harm. One last thing, what's in your lotion?

FUN FACT: Depending on their composition, lotions can be comedogenic, meaning that they can result in the increased formation of comedones. Sufferers of acne, or those who are predisposed to forming comedones, should look for formulations that are designed to be non-comedogenic. (1) This is why we don't use coconut oil in our lotions either!

(1)Sibbald, Debra (October 2016). "Acne". RxTx. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Pharmacists Association. Retrieved April 25, 2017.

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