What is NAKED skincare?

Naked skincare is 'naked' because it has just enough ingredients to make it what it is and they are all natural. The benefit to naked skincare is, duh, it's natural and you can dress it up with additional natural products to compliment your skin. Finally, skincare that is as unique as you are!

Currently B&W Apothecary's entire line is naked and coming soon will be a 'dressing' room where you can choose from a list of natural options to add to each product along with recommendations as to what each additions skin benefits are.

Going even further to satisfy our customers skincare experience B&W Apothecary offers a free consult to mix custom blends just for you! Enjoy the benefits of skincare that is made with only natural ingredients suited for your skin, without any extras that could cause allergies or skin irritation.

So what are you waiting for?! Let's get naked!! Skincare of course, what were you thinking?

FUN FACT: Commercial brand natural products have, on average, three or more unnatural preservatives/chemicals in their skincare products. Pick any brand off the store shelf and research the mysterious ingredients and you will find all of them contain water, which requires the preservatives to keep the water from molding or growing bacteria.

B&W Apothecary uses aloe vera instead of water to eliminate the need for preservatives due to its antibacterial properties.

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